Thursday, May 28, 2015

Photo journaling-all the yummy food

What I've been having for breakfast-shredded wheat on the bottom, a handful of old fashioned oats, puffed wheat, ground flax seeds, and pumpkins seeds with almond milk.  Yummy!

What I took to Easter dinner.

Sweet potatoes-ready for the oven.  I've tried to take pics of my cooked food before-it looks gross-so I stick to uncooked food photography.

Banana strawberry 'nice' cream with mini dark chocolate chips-that's frozen bananas and frozen strawberries blended with a bit of almond milk.  It's delish!

This is plain banana 'nice'cream.  That's frozen bananas blended with almond milk. (Also-you can see I love using my heart bowls that I got from Goodwill!)

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