Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last month or so-more than I thought there was!
New Year's Eve sunset

A little red bandit

The grandkitties, as always:

He's one cool cat.

Pitt panther


Little girl

Or maybe I'll spell it Lidl Gurl.  (These pics are a bit blurry-she's moves so fast.  But they'll still make cute magnets.)

Awwwwww-Lidl Gurl!!!!!!!
Sunrise-one morning when I had to go track down the Roc.

Sunrise shadow

The friendly sky


The bracelet my daughter got me for Christmas

Kitchen windowsill


I just love this afghan I got at Goodwill a few years ago.  (The thing really holds the heat.)

I wish I could thank the person that made it and let them know that it is used and loved.  :)

The story of my life

Udon noodles

Tea on the windowsill

The Roc-in his element

Awwwwww-my handsome big boy!  I can't believe he'll be five in March!
That's all for now-have a wonderful day!

Rag rug photoshoot

Some rag rugs I've made over the last month or so:

I'm giving this one to my Case International loving brother-in-law.  He is also known as my brother-out-law or brother-in-love.  It just depends on what day it is.

Finally, something a bit different-a rectangular rag rug.  I wanted to use up some odds and ends t-shirt rag balls-so I decided to try a rectangular rug.  Since I can't count stitches to save my life, I thought that this was really hard to make.  I kept tearing it out because I kept screwing it up.  Finally, I just decided to forget about counting and wing it and not worry about the wonkiness.  Hmmmm-I think I kind of like it, despite its wonkiness.

Have a great day, everybody!