Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The amazing killdeer

This is a mama or papa killdeer.  When a predator (like me) gets near their nest (which is on the ground), they pretend to be hurt to draw attention away from it.

*I found them, I finally found them!*

 I knew there had to be eggs near my camper, because every time I walked near it-mama and papa killdeer went nuts!  The killdeer lay their eggs on the ground and they are so well camouflaged it took me forever to find them.

Oh, look-there's the first baby!  (Still camouflaged!)  (Notice how cute and fuzzy it is?  Killdeer babies are precocial-which means they are relatively mature and can run around and forage soon after hatching-like chicks and ducklings.  There's your bird lesson for the day!)


Two, almost three.


Look at that sweet face!  (By this time, the other three had already taken off.)

The last egg never hatched.

This is the first time I've ever seen killdeer near my home.  I'm so happy I got witness the hatching of these fascinating birds!

Monday, May 19, 2014

The lovely lilacs

A wet bouquet

I accidently brought in three wet, cold bees.

So, I took them back outside and set them free!

Lilacs on the windowsill-smells so good!

What it really looks like.
I hope you all had a nice Monday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last few weeks:
My lilacs are blooming-they smell amazing!

This is my Mother's Day gift-it's what I asked for.

Beautiful apple blossoms


I baked some cupcakes-for a benefit dinner for my cousin's husband.

The ball that got away.

Three-May 1st

Then four-May 2nd

I'm hitting the hard stuff.


Oreo 'cow'kies

Puss Puss-my grandkitty

Kiki-my parents' kitty

Daughter showing Mother (me) her campus.

Daughter's campus-or rather former campus, since she's graduated.

Yum!  I was 'off'' caffeine for a few weeks, so I couldn't have my favorite PG Tips tea.  Now, I'm able to have one cup a day, yay!  It's delicious.

Bear-my niece's doggie

Nesting on a beautiful May day.

There's Kiki again.

That's all for now-have a great week!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The graduate

  Yes-my baby girl graduated from college on Saturday.

A sea of graduates

Yes, she wore a hulk shirt under her gown.

My daughter and my mom

Me and my 22 year old baby girl!
My sister, Jodie, will be taking more pictures of the graduate later on.  People are not my specialty, but they are hers.  

Now, onto graduate school!