Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rag rug photoshoot

I feel like makin'...rugs!

This is one that my sister asked me to redo because a section of it was stained.  So I unraveled the whole thing,  and crocheted it back up, replacing the stained part.

This one's made of almost all painted sheets.  (Except for that Tommy Hilfiger surfboard sheet!)  I got the idea to paint all the white sheets I  had when I looked down at the old paint-covered capris I was wearing.  :)

I'm sending this one to a friend.

I gave this one to a friend.

My sleepy helper-Mr. Roc.

Rag rug pile-those babies are heavy!

A stack of (23) rag rugs-or a rag rug ottoman.  I sat on it-pretty comfy!
Over the last five weeks I've worked my way through countless sheets!  So many people had gifted me their sheets and I hadn't crocheted for so long-they had really piled up.  (Only a few t-shirts were used in these rugs.  They are, for the most part, made with sheets.)  I had a lot of fun going down to the basement and picking sheets that I thought would work together.  I also picked up a few from Goodwill, an Amish thrift store that's five minutes from my house, and a little thrift store near my daughter's apartment. (I don't like to pay more than a dollar per sheet.) Also, I swear the sheets kept multiplying in my basement.  (Like fishes and loaves!)  Just when I thought I had run out, I'd find more lurking here and there.  Just this morning I found seven! (paint spattered-that's okay) that were covering a big old engine that Larry has sitting in the basement.  I've spent a lot of hours sitting on the steps of the deck, soaking in the sun, while tearing sheets.  (It makes a huge mess if I do it in the house.)  Very therapeutic.  So, that's what I've been up to.  I'm not sure what I'll do with them all.  Probably keep them to use for gifts.  I'm not really wanting to deal with yucky parts that come with selling.

I like making these so much, I think, because I can make something beautiful with items that are essentially ready for the rag bag.  (I love the idea of making something out of nothing.) Also, the equipment needed is only a pair of scissors and a crochet hook-I like to keep it simple these days, plus-it's an inexpensive hobby.

Well, I better get  back to my hook now.  Have a great day!


Dawnie said...

Can you say "AMAZING WOMAN" and "AMAZING RUGS" Wow!! Holly, those are so impressive and beautiful and I am honored to hang one in my classroom. My students are impressed with your handiwork! I am impressed as well. You have indeed taken junk headed to the trash pile and made gorgeous masterpieces. The touch of "Holly's Hands"!!!! My house is blessed with your handiwork!!

littlemancat said...

They're beautiful! I enjoy working on something too, it truly is therapeutic. The Zen of rug making?
My therapeutic work is counted cross stitching.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So glad you are back to rug making and of course I had my eye on a few. Tee hee. I have a couple more at my house that could probably be redone. One is in my laundry room. You do make it look so simple! Yes, Holly's thifty handywork. So many people love them, for sure!! Love you sis! -Kim

Holly C. said...

Dawnie-well, I am honored to have a rug I have made, hanging in your classroom!

Thank you, Mary. I've dabbled in counted cross stitch and I enjoy it too. I wish I could see some of your creations!

Kimmie-don't forget your birthday and Christmas are coming up!

Holly C. said...

Love you too, Kimmie!

Susi said...

I love them. So are sheets better to use than t shirts. I had a few t shirts saved up and the Mr. tossed the out. I'm now collecting more but if sheets are better I could get started sooner.

Holly C. said...

Sheets seem to be more durable. Slightly worn sheets are so nice to work with. They crochet up like butta!

Rhonda Anderson said...

These are so awesome!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Rhonda!