Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nature collages

Life cycle of a sunflower.

For some reason, last week-during our below zero temps-I thought about the life cycle of a sunflower.  So, I looked through my pics and made a collage.  I photographed the heck out of those two sunflowers I grew last summer.

The ever changing sky.

Yesterday, late afternoon the sky was crazy and changing so quickly!  Turns out, rain was coming.  Of course, I was snapping pics.

Later on, my daughter messaged me-our conversation went something like this-

Hope:  The sky was so ugly tonight.  Did you take pics?
Me:  Yes, I did.  How did you know?
Hope:  I looked outside?  Lol
Me:  I meant-how did you know I took pics?
Hope:  Because you're my mother and predictable.
Me:  Oic.


My mom got me a subscription to Birds and Blooms magazine.  I was looking through the new issue and I saw pics of butterflies.  I'm like-oh, yeah-I forgot about butterflies!  Butterflies seem like forever ago, but really just a few short months ago.  Won't be long until we see them again.  So, I made a butterfly collage too-to remember summer-which will be here again before we know it!
I hope everybody had a nice weekend. :)


Robbie said...

I grew sunflowers last summer for the first time. I loved them! Amazing flowers. You collages turned out really cool. I like that your convo with your daughter...too funny. Have a great week!

Holly C. said...

Thanks and you too, Robbie!

littlemancat said...

This is my second try, Holly as the first seems to be lost somewhere= good old google! Anyway, these are wonderful pics - maybe you could send some to Birds and Blossoms?
Love your daughter's comments - our children know us too well, don't they?

Holly C. said...

Thanks for trying again, Mary. Sometimes commenting can be a pain, I know.

I saw that Bird and Blooms was having a contest in one of the issues (3 came really close together) and I looked into it-but the contest was closed. The pics in there remind me a lot of mine-so I might try when the next contest comes up.