Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snow days

We had snow on Sunday and then all day today.  I do love it, but it has its pitfalls.  I got the Gator stuck in the woods (got hung up on a dead, thankfully, rotten tree stump) looking for Roc this morning-he likes to run off when it's cold.  And it's bear season!  And he looks an awful lot like a bear from far away.  So I was especially worried.  I did remember to put a red handkerchief on him.  He came back out of nowhere when I was clearing off my car to go on a car search for him.  Anyhow, I was happy he was back and my neighbor pulled our Gator out this afternoon, so Larry wouldn't have to deal with it when he got home from work.  And all was right with the world!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


littlemancat said...

Stunning pictures - especially love the first two. Your photography skills look great to me!
Glad the doggy pal got home safely and the Gator was rescued.
Have a happy Thanksgiving,

Holly C. said...

Thank you, Mary and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!



Jessie said...

Love the falling snow and snowball pics! I have such talented friends! Miss seeing you! Have a bag of sheets for you.

Robbie said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I live in Alabama, so if you even mention the S word, our town shuts down!! I would love to wake up to a wonderland like that.

Holly C. said...

I miss seeing you too, Jessie!

Robbie, I have always loved snow! Thank you for your lovely comment.