Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Photo journaling

Oh, the lovely maple leaf!

Sun and star


Crazy November sky

Hole in my heart leaf

Still hanging on

Dining room corner-that light is 25 years old.  Yes-it's a light from the 80's.  It's an 80's light!

Flavor of the week-mint chocolate chip.  It's coconut milk, sugar, peppermint extract, vanilla, mini chocolate chips, and a little green food coloring.  (Because color makes it taste better!)

Jess loves me!  I just found this note from my niece on my iPod from 50 days ago.  I took a screenshot of it so I could keep it forever!  I love her too!

This morning's sunrise.

Have a great rest of the week, everybody!


littlemancat said...

I like your 80s lamp! And your photos too. Especially the Crazy November Sky one - such nice composition, light. A beauty.

Holly C. said...

I like that one too. Thanks, Mary!