Thursday, October 10, 2013


I love the word autumnal!

Pink sunrise

I think this would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

I cannot help but smile every time I look outside.

The zinnias are still going strong.

I took this photo of this eastern bluebird through the window.  I love how his head is cocked.  I don't see these birds that often.  I tried to photoshop the unsightly bird poop out of this photo but I could not!

X marks the spot this morning.

Last evening
What a beautiful time of year!

Have a great rest of the week everybody!


Rainey said...

I was all smiles every time I got in the car today. Everything was just so pretty.

Holly C. said...

Me too, Rainey, me too.

summerlily said...

I love that last photo with the cow! The colors of the leaves in your part of the country are gorgeous...

Holly C. said...

I really like that one too. Thanks!

Simply Shelley said...

Your Auntumn colors are beautiful....nothing like that here, unless you search far and wide :) Blessings