Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last week or so.
The clouds mimic the trees.  (This morning)

I finally picked up my crochet hook.  (First time all summer.)  My aunt's doggie chewed a hole in her rug-so I unraveled it and fixed it.


I bought another mug-well, actually two.  (The other one is blue inside.)  I couldn't resist the color being inside the mug.  They were only a quarter a piece at a little Amish thrift store, ten minutes from my house, so I bought them.  I really do need to get rid of some mugs I don't use, though-no more room in my cupboards!

A busy, little bee gathering pollen in my great, big, beautiful sunflower.

This sunflower-one of my two-has gone horizontal.  That's a heavy load to carry.

The pole in my yard-I always get a little mad at the electric/telephone lines when they obstruct my nature shots around my yard.  Then I think-what a hypocrite I'm being.  I love electric and internet service, so how can I be mad?                     



Switchblade-my brother-in-law's stray kitten.  He/she's so cute!

Into the woods-one of hubby's gator trails.  I always peek to in to see if there's any wildlife in there.

The obligatory pumpkin shot!  (My daughter in 1994.)  I recently found this photo when I was cleaning out the underneath of our entertainment center.  (I got rid of a trash bag full of stuff-felt good!)

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Simply Shelley said...

I love the crocheted rug,and the sweet picture of your daughter. Your pictures are always so fun to look at...Oh,you live near the Amish, how wonderful...I wish I did...I so admire the Amish, but like you I love my electricity too :)

Holly C. said...

Yes-we have Amish all around. I admire them very much too!

Thanks, Shelley!