Friday, August 9, 2013

Photo journaling

Here's my big, beautiful Roc.  I love him so!

A hummer on a Sunday morning

My tree-the one I look at as I'm walking from mailbox to house.  The marker for when I'll be out of breath after climbing the hill.  The one I planted almost 20(!) years ago.


My obsession

The beetle

My lovely zinnias-they got a late start.  Better late than never, though.

Pretty Pennsylvania.  (Hubby came in the house, told me to grab my camera and we took off on the Gator.  He had just seen a bald eagle, and he took me to where it had been.  It was gone, as I figured it would be.  It was a very lovely ride, though.)
Have a great weekend, everybody!


littlemancat said...

Sorry you missed seeing the eagle - that would have been wonderful. But the pic of the trees,mountains is a nice compensation. Love Pennsylvania too.

Simply Shelley said...

Just beautiful...thanks for sharing....I would love to visit Pennsylvania someday....blessings

Holly C. said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies!

Rhonda said...

I may not comment everyday, but I LOVE your nature shots and doggie ones too! Miss ya!

Holly C. said...

Thank you, chicky! I miss you too!