Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little girlie

Last week, I forced myself to go through a photo album-trying to sift for some forgotten gems.  I say 'forced' because I really dislike doing it.  So bittersweet, you know?  But I wanted to find more 'good' pics, so I could order some more stickygram magnets.  I enjoy seeing the good old days on my fridge, it doesn't seem bittersweet (just sweet) that way for some reason.  Visitors seem to enjoy looking at them too.

The above photos are from 1994-yes, almost 20 years ago. 

The top photo was taken at Larry's grandmother's house.  We were there every single Sunday (until she passed in 2000) and little girlie always had to be slopping in something-haha. 

In the middle photo, little girlie was feeding a potbelly pig with her dad looking on. 

In the last photo, Hoper (that's a great smile, don't you think?) was playing with a friend's puppy-I remember he scratched her face and I wasn't too pleased because she was getting her Christmas picture taken the next day. Ackkk-why did I worry about things such as little puppy scratches???

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my little red suitcase said...

she was a lovely little girl. I know what you mean about looking through old pictures! Heather x