Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary

Yay us!
Now, if we had a child-this is what she would look like-oh wait, this IS our child!
(Thank goodness she's got her dad's straight teeth!)

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely YAY YOU!! : )

Congratulations on your anniversary Holly!
My husband and I celebrated our 26th earlier this year : )
( And I think it IS an accomplishment- not always easy- but nothing worth doing seldom is- God is good!)
LOVE your cute pic- oh my! I had similar earrings and that same sweater top!! Hello 80's! LOVE it!!
( our kiddos are the same ages btw!) She's adorable!

Michaelanne said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Congratulations Holly on such a wonderful achievement..Jack and I are approaching our 22nd..It is a wonderful feeling to have SO many memories with someone..NOONE else will ever have..very special!! You guys sure made a cute kid too:) Love you:)

Holly C. said...

Gail-congrats on 26 years! Oh the 80's-I have a love/hate relationship with them!

Michaelanne, you are not are behind us! Love you too!

Holly C. said...

*not FAR behind us*