Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh, Cherry!

It took me all week, but I made a rug and named it Cherry.  Cherry is made with thrifted sheets and shirts.  (If you'll notice, so are the cherries.)

Today I asked my niece if she had ever heard of anyone named Cherry.  (I had only ever heard of actress-Cherry Jones.)  To my surprise, she said yes-that one of her friend's mom's name was Cherry.  Cool!
Have a nice day, everybody!


Jessie said...


Dawnie said...

Beautiful rug, Holly. Love the little cherries too; they are cute!!

Michaelanne said...

Your rugs are SO beautiful!!!!! Another beauty!!! I just LOVE to look at mine..touch them..and especially stand on them..they are so soft and cushioney!!! I love the colors here..reds..and aquas...Beautiful!!