Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This and that

Hummingbird silhouette-I think this is the first time I've captured the beak open on one of these little guys!

   Oh, those clouds!  I think they resemble snow covered mountains.  

Another gorgeous sunrise from the other day!

I wanted a pic of the amazing clouds behind these stoplights, but there was no time to focus-it was time to GO!

                 Kimmie bought the fabric, she told me how she wanted it, then I made her a shower curtain.
I've made over a dozen of these shower curtains for myself, friends, and family the last few years.  This type of sewing suits me now-I don't have the patience for precise sewing and this doesn't require it. 

       (Kimmie still needs to paint!)             

                               My sister, Kimmie, is all moved into her new home now after 10 days of massive amounts of work by her, her family and friends! (Jodie gave her this cute flag!)

I LOVE this little video.  You should watch it!  Have a good day!


Jessie said...

Love, love, love Kim's shower curtain! The video was awesome. For some reason it reminded me of Mork and Mindy? Not quite sure why.

A Friend on the Farm said...

I like Kim's new shower curtain and the picture of the humming bird! We have one little humming bird that comes to the house and likes to peek into my hanging baskets. Don't you just love summer and being outside?

Anonymous said...

Oh how i love those coats! And the house! Hello there lovely lady. I have moved! Not too far though.....

Michaelanne said...

Love that blurred image of the spotlights in the clouds!! Very cool...That shower curtain is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have thought of making one a few times, but never really TRIED! I wish you could come over and sew with me:))) I have been working TONS..60 hours this week! Hope you are having a beautiful early Summer...our weather is PERFECT!

Unknown said...

I really like the shower curtain and can totally relate to the precise thing. I like the "idea" of quilting, but having to make everything perfectly match freaks me out. I love the random blocks and uneven lines.