Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lovely things

These just might be the prettiest potholders in the world!  Michaelanne made them for ME!  Don't worry I won't be getting these little beauties dirty anytime soon.  I'll just use them to brighten my kitchen for now.  :)

I love the details-the yellow and red house, the teapot, the birdie...

the green grass, and that dot border (LOVE!) sets everything off perfectly!  (She sent me tea and chocolate too-which I've been enjoying!)  Thank you so much, Michaelanne! ***Also-I made Oreo cheesecakes for my girl yesterday, cause she said I should.  :)***

Beautiful butterfly in flight-I'm standing on the deck pointing down for this shot.

Same here-oh, boy-I've got a mess under the deck which I should really fix up.  Maybe~maybe not!

My mom called me last evening and said, "Hey, did you see the moon tonight? This is the day that the moon is closest to the earth and you know how I love the moon! Can you try to get a picture of it?" I told her I'd try, but I've tried before without much success. 

So-I decided to use trusty Google-what the heck did I do before Google?

Dear Google, how do you take pictures of the moon? I clicked on the first thing I saw which was this- -got my camera (which is a nice point and shoot with great zoom-Mother's Day present last year-yay!) turned my settings to manual and did the best I could to set them correctly (I didn't know how to change my aperture). I rested my camera on the deck railing (I don't have a tripod), zoomed all the way out and tried to hold as steady as I could and got the moon in that little box as best I could. I was shocked and tickled pink that it actually worked. I picked out my crispest photo to edit, then cropped it and sharpened it a little.

And that's the story of how I shot the moon.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Jessie said...

Great moon shot! Looks like there is a man wearing sunglasses in it. Can you see it?

Holly C. said...

I think so Jessie. I thought it looked like an orange with its navel down there at the bottom!

Grateful4Crochet said...

I was marvelling at the moon last night too- you got an amazing shot, and I would never have thought of googling how to shoot the moon, what a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

That is ONE amazing shot of the moon Holly!! I took a couple, but they looked boring to me..nothing too spectacular! I HAVE a tripod..never used it yet!!! Guess I should give it a try:) I am so happy you like the little potholders:) They were super fun to make..I am putting the borders on my cross quilt today!! YEAH:) I can't wait to show you:) Have a wonderful Monday!

Michaelanne said...

Whoops!!! I accidentally hit annonymous:) Well...You know it is ME!

Anonymous said...

ooooo i love you to the moooooooonnnnnn and back that is awesome. You are really showing me upppppppppppppppppppp....(i hate when you do that.) ....hey those birdies will be hatching before you know it. it takes less than 2 weeks...ya know, in case you didnt know that. (im just full of knowledge) bahhaahha