Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hodge podge

I never know what I'll see when I look out my door!

I've been down this road before-many, many times.

My friend Jessie sent me this pic of a heart-shaped m & m. She knows I like hearts!

Fire in the sky-aka the sun(rise).

Beautiful dawn this morning.

I picked the first lettuce of the year today.

I made a bunting for my little kitchen the other day.  After taking down my country wallpaper border-I thought I needed something on this little wall where the basement door is.  I just cut these rectangles of fabric from an old cutter quilt top, folded the tops over and used double sided tape to attach them to some cotton yarn.  (Yes-I was too lazy to get out the sewing machine.  Worked like a charm, though.)  I made one of these for my bedroom a while ago.  That old fabric is just too good not to use!                              
Have a great day!


Dawnie said...

I LOVE your bunting, Holly. Do you remember the church quilt I cut up with the church member names on it? I should make bunting with that. I need to go find it and see if it would work. You SO INSPIRE me!! Keep it up. I need LOTS of inspiration! Love your photos. Do you know what I noticed right away in your Amish pictures, the dog. Are dog people sick? Beautiful pictures as ALWAYS!

Holly C. said...

Yes-I remember it Dawnie and that would make a wonderful banner! Hey-you gave me that quilt top I used, do you remember?

I didn't know there was a dog until I uploaded the pic! I was pretty far away though. I had to chuckle when I saw him!

Thank you, Dawnie-you inspire me too! A lot!

A Friend on the Farm said...

Ahh Holly! You just stole those Amish men's souls! Just kidding. Cute idea with the old fabric. Once again you made something so random become so crafty.

Jessie said...

I just want to say I love your blog!!! I think I have said it before, but it makes me smile everytime I read it! Bet you never thought you could make someone smile or make someones day by what you do, did you?
Your amish picture and fire in the sky picture are awesome! what am I saying? They are all awesome!

Holly C. said...

Well, thank you, Jessie! I am happy to know I make you smile. : )