Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Off my camera

No matter how many times I see a rainbow-I always get excited!  This was last evening.

It was a lovely drive to my mom's house today.

I stopped at Larry's aunt's house and these are her tulips.

On the way to Mom's, I saw this horse and he stood perfectly still for his photo shoot!

I think these are rows of new trees.

Larry's aunt's hyacinths.

Another lovely barn on my drive.

Here's Kitty-kitty, mom's cat.  She's a pretty, petite, little thing.
That's all for now-have a great day!


Dawnie said...

Love your country drive pics, Holly! Beautiful!! You need to enter some of these pictures in the fair this year. They are so good!! You have a knack for nature shots. And animals love to pose for you too!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Beautiful photos Holly! you are so lucky to go see your MOM!:) Hope you have a great day today! I am heading to work in a bit...It is raining and cold anyway..but I really need to work on my QUILT!! Lol:) Should I tell my boss that???

Michaelanne said...

Whoops!! That was ME (Michaelanne) ....I accidentally hit the wrong button! :)

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Dawnie!

Yes-I know I'm lucky I'm able to see my mom-I don't take it for granted anymore! I think you should tell your boss that you need to stay home and work on your quilt, but would like a paycheck anyhow!

Rhonda said...

Lots of beautiful shots! The sky looks almost fake!