Sunday, April 1, 2012

No foolin'-it's April!

Can you believe it's April already?  I can't!  Hey, remember three years ago when I pulled that April fools joke on the blog?  I really got some people with that one-hehe!

Daffodils at church!

I made some paint chip bookmarks today.  I've made these before and Larry's cousin asked if I'd make some more, so I did.  It's pretty fun.  It's just two paint chips (I cut these down by two colors because they were long) glued wrong sides together with a glue stick.  I rounded the corners with a corner rounder punch thingamajig.  Punched a hole in the middle at the top with a hole punch and then used cotton yarn for the little tassel.

I finally ordered another blog book.  I skipped 2010 because I'm looking for a certain photo to use.  When I find the one I want I'll order it. Now I have 2009 and 2011 blog books.

I'll be giving it to Mom to look at-she is computer-free.  (Silly woman!)  Have a nice day!


Rainey said...

I love the blog book idea! How fun! I've been trying to think of a way to organize the pictures I take for Scavenger Hunt Sundays (when I participate, of course). I might have to try this. Where did you get it?

littlemancat said...

What a clever idea- the paint chip bookmarks!
The blog book is really nice- something very satisfying about holding that book in your hands. And you can use the bookmarks:)

Holly C. said...


Mary-of course, the idea wasn't my own, I saw it years ago on the blog How About Orange, I think. People are doing really cool things with paint chips-they are just so clever!

Dawnie said...

Hey, you are an author. I am envious! No, I am happy for you! That has always been a dream of mine. Maybe someday, I'll join your ranks! Have enjoyed your blog through the years. I can't believe that April Fool's Day Blog was 3 years ago! Still, no baby? HA. Keep blogging, it always makes me smile...