Monday, April 30, 2012


The empty nest




Do you see what I see?
This is so much fun!


Rainey said...

Those eggs are so pretty!

Michaelanne said...

That is AMAZING:) It is going to be so much fun to watch the babies!!! I am excited!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome nature. does she keep laying eggs?????? so she doesnt lay then all at once???? interesting. jodie

Anonymous said... me a loser...i just read about robins. soooo interesting. they lay one a day...up to 4...they become a clutch for her. if you remove an egg from her nest she will lay more until there is usually 4 or whatever is comfortable for her to nest on. wow. i am so smart now. dave said there is a nest and i said i wanted to go find it. HOLLY>...he said he was gonna get rid of it........i will knock him out if he does.

Anonymous said...

that was jodie btw.

Holly C. said...

Tell Davey-I'll kick his butt if he touches that nest!!!