Sunday, March 11, 2012

A beautiful Sunday

Target practice, I guess.

Daffodils almost in bloom.  (At church.)

Crocuses in bloom.  (At church.)

Shot in the heart!  (Or a cut-down tree.)

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday too!


Michaelanne said...

Wow..I can't believe your daffodils are allready ready to bloom!!! So pretty...and I love the crocuses too. It was BEAUTIFUL here too..we walked on the beach, and then we took Zach to a sugarshack for fresh Maple syrup:) YUM!!! Doesn't the sun feel SO good!! Have a good week Holly:)XXOO

Anonymous said...

did jess show you her make shift heart on the back of her ipod case she painted with crackle paint??? she showed me last night, and I said...ooooh aunt holly will love that.!!!! jodie

Holly C. said...

I saw the crackle paint and I loved it, but I didn't see the heart.♥

Dawnie said...

It was a gorgeous Sunday. The sky was so pretty. Those flowers are screamin', "SPRING". Can't wait!!

Rhonda said...

Ahhh- I saw a cut off log that was shaped like a heart on Saturday and I took its picture to send to you! Too funny!

Holly C. said...

Oh,my-that is funny! Well, thank you and please send it to me!