Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ahhhhhh-look at those bathing beauties!  Ahhhhhh-the days before gray hair, two chins, and cellulite.  (I speak only for myself!) 

In the words of Edith Bunker-those were the daysssssssssssss!

Yesterday's sunrise! 

The above two photos I took as I was looking for Rocco-aka Rat Bag.  He's up to his old tricks-running off to the woods.  I do love him anyway!

I've got two rugs going at the same time.  Go me! 

I'm reading The Hunger Games right now.  Now I have lots more names I can use-yes!

Have a good day!


A Friend on the Farm said...

I just finished that book and thought about downloading the 2nd one. They have some great names that you can use for your amazing rugs. Cute picture too of you 3 sisters :)

Rhonda said...

Those books are awesome!!

Rainey said...

Aw! Look at little baby Kim!! HOW CUTE!

Holly C. said...

Kimmie's in a kini!

Anonymous said...

wow. i look hot in a swimming suit. hot i tell ya!!!!! jodie

Holly C. said...

You surrrrrrre do!

Dawnie said...

You all looked great and you all still do!!! Sweet pix! Love your pretty rugs. Holly M. from school told me today that she has a rug from you hanging over her cupboard and now I feel bad that I have stomped all over mine. I never thought to just hang and display so I wouldn't wear them out. Love the new ones. You are using such bright springy colors! I am so ready for Easter and Spring! Also, wanted to tell you I'm better, Finally!! AMEN!! Keep up the great rug making. You GO GIRL! Hope Rocco was found and not beaten too badly. HA. Sounds like my dogs. I could strangle them when they run and then when I finally find them, I want to love them up because they are okay. Dogs!! Adrion LOVED The Hunger Games. It sounded too sad for me. When I escape reality, it has to be a happy place where no one dies and nothing bad happens. He's looking forward to the movie release!