Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bird theme

I ordered this print from Emily Falconbridge a couple years ago.  I just put it in (taped it in, actually) this repurposed frame (it had homespun fabric with a felt star in it before) today.

My friend, Dawnie, gave me some Dove chocolate and this lovely notebook/journal.  She loves birds too.

My girlie bought me this mug after Christmas.

A suet feeder built for two!

We got snow again overnight, so lots of birdies at the feeder today.
Yes-a bird theme has emerged today and I love it!

Happy Saturday!


A Friend on the Farm said...

I really like your birdy pictures!

Michaelanne said...

I love birds so much too! Any artwork that is birdthemed always grabs my attention!!! Beautiful photos:) I am having some small surgery tomorrow (Threading some wires into my spine to block nerve impulses..sounds fun, no???)I will be flickering alot to pass time, so post something cheery for me:)))) XO

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Wendy!

Oh, Michaelanne! I'll be thinking about you!!!!!

Dawnie said...

Love all your birdies too!! Your print is so pretty as are your pix. Have you named any rugs after birds? I can't remember but if you haven't, that would be fun!!

Inoureyes said...

Hey cheeky chick! Love my tree. I didnt see the post you had before showing me. It was a lovely surprise that was received today. Love you!

Holly C. said...