Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yer acting like a buncha animals!

This is Dakota Jo and he's kind of my new grandpuppy.  He's a Samoyed!  Hoper's calling him Jo Bear, because she thinks he looks like a little polar bear.  I think he looks like a baby seal!  Well, anyway you look at him, he's a beauty-I know that for sure!

It was bear season here on Saturday, Monday, and today-so Rocco had to wear some red.  (I didn't have orange.)  I had to keep an extra eye on him too, so he didn't wander into the woods.  Yes-I think he could very well be mistaken for a bear!  Do you think so?  I think he's very handsome in red, by the way.

 Rocco brought my attention to this 'rafter' of turkeys running up the road this afternoon. I got a few camera 'shots' off, before they ran for their lives. Did you know there's a children's book called Run, Turkey, Run? There is!  It's right here.

Have a wonderful day!!!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

A new puppy! Congrats on me a grandmother. So cute.

Dawnie said...

Love your new Grandpuppy!! How sweet! Rocco looks quite dapper in red. And yes, Run, Turkeys, Run for your life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Michaelanneneal said...

I am sure you will turn into Dakota's FairyDogMother...He is precious!!! And...Rocco..Such a sweet majestic pup! LOVE...LOVE..LOVE..that TURKEY SHOT!!!! Making me smile..Today, I want to wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving Holly...I am truly THANKFUL to have made such a sweet friend this year:) XXXOOO! Don't eat too much turkey:) We could go break out our stretchy stirrup 80's
pants! lol!!!! Have a great day:)