Friday, August 26, 2011

Mama's house

Can you see the bee?

I made this wall hanging quilt for my mom probably in the mid to
late 80's.  (I had some help though-cause I was a youngin'!)  She
loves cats.

She had no idea she loved dogs.  Now she does.  At
least she does this one.  It's Buddy!  He getting big.

The bees were a buzzin' today!

Ahhhh-I'm loving these candy striped zinnias!  Next year I'll try not to
be so lazy and plant mine! 

I went to my mom's (and dad's) today to help her do a few
things around the house and I just had to take
 some pics of the beauty around me!

Have a good weekend and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

I am seeing a little...Like Mother Like daughter:) Lovely photos..Your little cat quilt made me smile..SOOOOOO 80's!! Where did the years go!!

cindy said...

lovely pics and i really like the effect you are using on them. what a good dtr you are :)

Dawnie said...

Yes, I see lots of you at your Mom's or lots of your Mom at your house. You two have a lot of likes in common and she is officially a dog lover. How sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You're a good daughter....Your mom has quite the green thumb.