Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy, happy, joy, joy

What a perfect way to describe my peanut butter ice cream cone!
I just added a scoop of natural peanut butter to my regular recipe
and, oh joy-delicious peanut butter ice cream (I used the
natural because I thought the regular wouldn't mix in very good.)
Cute little carrots!

I see where Pyrex got their color inspiration again!

I worked on a simple, little project yesterday.  I took a cutter quilt
 top which I've had for a long time (thanks Dawnie!), and made a
 bunting from it.

I just cut the rectangles apart and folded the tops down
around (I was going to use jute, but I ended up using cotton yarn)
some cotton yarn I had from my dishcloth making days and
sewed across the top.  Very easy.  Easy is about all I have
the patience for these days!

Pretty cute, I think!

Oh, more joy!!!
A 'bird's eye' view of the four, FOUR baby robins
stuffed into that little nest.
Oh, I love stuff like this!

I'm hoping everyone has a happy and joyful day!


Rhonda said...

Did not know what a bunting was! Thanks. Very cute. Ice cream + peanut butter = joy!!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

There's a lot of good stuff in the posting. Here are my favorites: what you did with that cutter quilt and the babies. We had a nest with three babes and this past Sunday, they all left home!

holly c. said...

It's so amazing to me that these robins hatch and two and a half weeks later they are leaving the nest. And we thought our kids grew up fast!

Dawnie said...

Those robins are so sweet! You take fantastic pix. I think I was talking with you when you were making your delish peanut butter ice cream. I see it turned out great!!! My joyful day comes tomorrow! Love your bunting!!

Lora said...

that bunting is so cute!:)

Corrie Anne said...

I. adore. bunting.