Thursday, July 28, 2011

Iris, what's growing in my garden, and "Hi Mom"

I was a tiny bit ambitious and made a rug.  I started it last evening and finished her up this afternoon.  This is Iris.  I tried to think of a flower that could be blue or yellow and well there are blue irises and there are yellow irises.  Iris is made with thrifted sheets and shirts.

Here is what's growing in my garden.

::Row 1-Two types of watermelon.  There's something eating at the leaves though.  Grrrrr! I hope the plant doesn't die!
::Row 2-Cukes, of course, and I pulled my garlic.  I let it sit too long and the stems were too stiff to braid-so I just tied them together.  I think it's kind of pretty hanging there.
::Row 3-Looks can be deceiving-these pretty little green beans were horrible-I threw them in the garbage, sadly.  They were soooo tough.  I either didn't cook them right or let them on the plant too long.  I only had one plant-so that's good I guess.  Also, I've got quite a few canteloupes growing-I hope they taste good.  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

My girlie is away this week.  She went on vacation-just her and a friend.  I hadn't heard from her in 24 hours-even after I had asked her if she was having a good time twice through text.  (I text through email, mostly.)  Finally-I texted-Send me a picture of something, anything!  A few minutes later I get this.  "Hi Mom" written in the sand.  I was quite tickled, because it's not what I expected.  And also because I knew she was alive!  She's in NYC today!  Who does these things?  Driving to New York City at age 19???  Apparently her and not me!

I hope you have a great day!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

All that effort for tough green beans....That doesn't seem fair. And I'd be biting my nails right now if my daughter was in NYC. She had visions of going herself this summer at the ripe old age of 17, but I put the brakes on those plans. Great rug (again).

holly c. said...

Your Kathe wanted to go to NYC by herself at age 17??? WOW!!!!

Elle said...

Stumbled here from Flickr. What size hook do you use for your rugs? I've used both ends of the spectrum and far prefer the smaller hook, but the big is so much faster. I'm about to dig into a five foot beauty tonight and I can't decide.

holly c. said...

Hi Elle!

Well-the largest hook I have is N. Right now, I am using a G. It's tiny! But it's all I could find at the time and it works. I lose my hooks constantly, but then I eventually find them again. I guess I would pick size *I* as my very favorite size to use! Hope this helps and good luck! Holly

Elle said...

I have been using a G as well. Excellent. Thanks so much for the tip and beautiful inspiration.

holly c. said...

You are so welcome!