Thursday, June 9, 2011

In my little kitchen

I made some peach cobbler.  It was-okay.  I halved a recipe that I had already tinkered with, soooooo-I think I messed something up.  Oh, well-Hubster ate it!

I pulled some radishes from my little garden-they are a little small.  I'll wait a couple of days before I pick more.

Here's The Spoon!
Splish splash, he was taking a bath!

Here's The Spoon again.  This time he was just hanging with his peeps.

I hope you have a nice day!


Luisa said...

Haha love the spoon guy!
Yes sometimes that happens with recipes.

Rhonda said...

You totally crack me up with that spoon!

Anonymous said...

Something usually goes wrong when I tinker with recipes. My radishes are even smaller than yours -- I think I'll have to wait a few weeks (not days!).
-- Jodi

Wendy said...

I agree with Luisa, that spoon is too cute!

Ayana said...

lol! Isn't it great when hubbies aren't too picky! Mine isn't either :)