Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I grew some greens!

I grew some greens and I liked it!  I cut them from right outside my basement door, rinsed them very thoroughly and then drained them on a tea towel.  I found a baby slug on the tea towel.  Because I'm not mad at my husband today,  I tossed the baby slug in the trash.  I mixed the greens with some mayo, a splash of vinegar, a little sugar and salt and pepper, I tasted it and then gave the rest to hubby to eat with his supper.  It tasted a tiny bit bitter to me-but he ate it up. 

Speaking of greens-I ate my first beet green on Saturday.  No, not from my garden-at Wendy's, of all places.  My mom asked me to lunch and then we were going to visit a friend.  I wanted to try Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad because I had heard good things about it on the internets.  (It was good, by the way.)  Anyhow-this salad has different greens in it and I noticed one that had red veins in it (like the one above from my garden).  So I ate it and I gasped and said to my mom, "Oh my gosh, that must have been a beet green."  And she said, "Oh yeah, why do you say that?"   I said, "It tasted just like a beet!"  It's sad to say, but I am not an experienced greens eater and I had to go home and check and make sure that's what a beet green looked like, and lo and behold-it was!

I hope you have a great day-and go eat some greens!


Anonymous said...

I'm growing lettuce too! Mine's just about ready to pick. I tried growing beets last year, but they never grew. I'm not really the best farmer.

-- Jodi

Kanelstrand said...

What you've grown is always, invariably so tasty!

holly c. said...

I know! When it comes from your own garden-it just has to taste good.