Saturday, May 14, 2011


As you might know, my daughter gave me a new camera for Mother's Day. (You might know, too, that I had been using hers.) So she went ahead and took hers home with her. As she was heading home-not five minutes down the road, she spotted this fawn near the edge of the road. I guess mama took off into the woods right away, but baby stayed for half a minute before following mama.  He/she has to be pretty new, wouldn't you say?  I think these photos are so great.  What a little beauty he/she is!

Hopey and I were having some fun this afternoon, trying to see who could
capture the hummers with our cameras. I took the first two with MY new
camera-and she took the last one with HER camera. Got it? Good!

Have a great Saturday!


Dawn S. said...

Pretty pics. I miss seeing the deer and other wildlife in our yard.

Rhonda said...

That fawn is so cute! What a great photo opportunity! You were so lucky to have seen the little thing!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

It's Bambi! What a beauty! I can't believe the mama didn't stick around. You caught some beautiful pictures there with your own girl.

Dawnie said...

What a beautiful fawn pix! She got some great ones. It looks really new! Love the hummers too! Do you both have the exact same camera?

Holly C. said...

No, Dawnie-hers is a Sony Cybershot and mine is a Nikon Coolpix. She was going to get me the same one, but she thought the Nikon seemed better.

Patty said...

beautiful !