Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is George

The reason this rug is named George is because it contains a George brand  t-shirt and also because it's pretty masculine looking compared to the rugs I usually make.  I like to think more like 'George Clooney' not 'George Washington.'  George is made from all thrifted shirts.

I brought in more lilacs.  Pretty!

My volunteer ferns are unfurling.

I need a nap!  Have a nice day.  :)


Dawn S. said...

George is very handsome. I prefer to think of George Clooney too!

Dawnie said...

I vote George Clooney too. Very nice. Love your hummingbird picture, nestled between clothespins! Lilacs are beautiful. I could sure use that nap too. Your couch looks more inviting than mine!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Definitely Clooney. I hope you got a good snooze in. Rainy days = good naps.

A Friend on the Farm said...

Holly, I love the lilacs! They are my most favorite thing of spring. We had a large bush at our old house and didn't realize there was one here attached to my new house. I can't wait until they start to open!