Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ricky Joe

Hey-I've got to take the inspiration where I can get it. 

Thought process-hmmmmmm-what can I name this rug?  Berry is taken so hmmmmm-oh wait, here are some mugs with names on.   A name and a prop-perfect! 

Oh, I love naming these rugs.  You know, I've only gotten to name one child soooooo.....  And making rugs is painless, unlike child bearing and child rearing.

I'm giving Ricky and Joe their close ups. 

Ricky Joe is made from thrifted shirts and there are thrifted pillow cases in there too.

Here's my new mug.  No-I didn't get a facelift.  The kind you drink from, silly!

Ain't she lovely???  I think so.  She's from Goodwill, of course.

Have a wonderful day!


Dawn S. said...

You do have a serious Mug Addiction don't you? LOL
Ricky Joe is very nice. (I almost said Ricky Bobby!) I do live in Nascar country, ya know.

affectioknit said...

Your rug is AWESOME! Cute mugs too!

RHonda said...

Ricky Joe looks like cranberry festival colors! Love it. Cute mug too - how many mugs do you have, girl??

dodi said...

Love Ricky Joe! And doubly love that mug... tea will definitely taste better in that. :)

Joelle said...

I like your mugs, My favorite mug got broken today:( maybe I need to go look at the thrift store for a new fav.

Dawnie said...

Love your newest "Ricky Joe" rug. Hey, wherever you can find inspiration!! Your newest mug is very pretty too. It reminds me of the orange one I have. You do love your mugs. Keep collecting, I love to see them!!

Szera said...

I really like your blog! We welcome: Szera