Friday, April 1, 2011

Marina and Woody

Yay!  My child brought me my (I mean her) camera back.
Here's the latest rug-'Marina'-made with mostly different shades of blues and greens and also made of mostly thrifted t-shirts.  I'm counting about 11 tees with a little light blue fabric thrown in for good measure.
Here is a better shot of  'Woody'.  You couldn't see him very clearly with my web cam shot. 

I wanted to show how my seeds are growing-quite nicely, I think.   FYI-tomato seeds germinate much more quickly than pepper seeds.   Since these seeds are growing at different rates-I'm using these little cups that I got from my sister for little individual 'green houses'.  I have more seeds to start, but it's a little too early yet. 

I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday-so I went to the store I love to hate-Wal*mart!

 I bought:

:: two bedspreads (Better Homes and Gardens brand, size king, $26.00 a piece) which I hope to hack up into new cushion covers.
::a gallon of Kilz Clean Start primer-an appropriate name, I thought.
::two plastics storage bins-my goodness, I couldn't resist.  I'm not even sure I will use these in the camper, though.   (These are Better Homes and Garden brand too, $7.50 a piece.)  When I got home I was wishing that I would have bought the four or five other designs they had too-but everything in moderation, Holly, everything in moderation.  :)

Happy April Fool's Day!  Check out the post where I 'fooled' a few people two years ago-here.


Rhonda said...

Okay, I think Woody is my favorite of all the named rugs so far!! Those bins are really nice.
I hate Walmart too, even though I go there every week.

Dawnie said...

I HATE Wal-Mart too but go every week. Love all of your finds. Your camper is going to be ADORABLE! Those colors are so cheerful! Marina has very pretty colors!

Dawnie said...

PS. I had forgotten about your pregnancy test. That was funny! I almost fell off my chair. You R Bad!!

Holly C. said...

I go to Walmart about 2 or 3 times a year. 2 or 3 times too many! I feel bad for you girls!

A Friend on the Farm said...

I agree with Rhonda. I think that Woody is my favorite of your rugs too. I thought of you today. I was in the Goodwill and actually looked at a few sheets to buy you. They didn't have any that looked "Hollyish" so I bought myself a little purse for spring! I will have to blog about it :)