Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 17th!

My nephew, Patrick

(Patrick and his mom, Jodie.)

birthday to my nephew Patrick (aka-Patty)!

You're turning into such a handsome, fine, young man!  I love you, Patty!


Rhonda said...

Such a handsome boy!!! I hope he has a wonderful 17th birthday!
Oh no, that means my Tanner will be turning 17 in about 2 weeks also!

Jodie said...

no rhonda....3 weeeks to the day....i am certain. if i am wrong.....i will be surprised. they are exactly 3 weeks apart. i bet you had tanner on a tuesday.....am i right????

Dawnie said...

Happy Birthday, Patrick! Happy 17th!!!

Rhonda said...

Jodie-you are correct! 3 weeks exactly! Hope he had a great birthday.