Friday, January 14, 2011

Have heart

Well, it all started with a chip-a heart-shaped, barbeque, potato chip.  I went to eat a chip and when I noticed it was heart shaped-I took a picture of it. 

Then my girlie stopped in with a little giftie for me-this heart mug.  (Heart-shaped rock added for visual interest.)  She says in a false high pitched voice, "I suppose you'll put that on your blog?"  And I say, " Why yes, yes I will!  I just took a picture of a heart-shaped potato chip this morning-so this will go perfectly!"  She then rolls her eyes.  That's what happens when the daughter thinks the mother is slightly off her rocker! 

I had a little heart theme going-so I snapped a few more photos of heart things in the house-there are so many to choose from.  This is a heart garland made from a wool sweater.  The little heart hanger is something I've had since the eighties.
And here's my kitchen light from the eighties.  Hearts were very popular in the eighties.  But really-do hearts ever go out of style-I mean, everybody has one.

Have a fabulous Friday!   


Rhonda said...

Oh! Did Rocco come running when you got the chip bag out??? hee hee. I have one of those heart wire hangers too - mine is in the kitchen with nothing hanging on it-cute garland, by the way! I need to decorate for Valentine's Day this weekend - thanks for the reminder! Hoper tries to be tough, but deep down, she is a sweetie - bringing her mommy a gift! How cute!! No, hearts do not ever go out of style!

Debbie said...

I'm having my bathroom remodeled and the workman asked if I wanted to keep the old 1980's style wall cabinet. It has a punched tin panel on the door decorated with hearts...similar to your light fixture. I'm keeping the cabinet and will probably paint it and use it for something else.

Dawnie said...

How sweet of Hope! And what a beautiful mug to use for morning tea. It will make you smile every morning. Hearts never do go out of syle and are always "in season"..

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You're on top of this upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, I see.

Dawn S. said...

I love hearts!! <3