Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday's and Sunday's finds

Here are my Goodwill finds from Friday and Sunday-

::3 'vintage' sheets in very good condition.  (Washed, dried, and folded-yeeeehaw!)
::At least 5 yards of barkcloth(?).  (I think that's what it is.)  I'm not sure what I will do with it but for 29 cents-I went ahead and brought it home.  It's kind of ugly, but yet I like it.  I think you understand.  :)
::Cool-looking color drip candles
::A little bear planter(?).  I think it's a old, but I'm not sure.
::A little can of Minwax faux finish.  This kind of stuff comes in handy at times.

So there you have it-my thrifty finds.  Thank you cheap Goodwill with the good stuff!

Here's hoping that if you are a thrifter-cheap and good stuff comes your way too!


Dawn S. said...

Nice finds! I used to burn those drip candles in pretty wine bottles and they look really cool!

Luisa said...

Those candles look cool. Gotta love those thrift stores. They've grown on me :)

Dawnie said...

I picked up that bear planter. I thought it was adorable but couldn't think of where to put it. I used to have a collection of these and they were sweet!! Great finds! I found some cute things today and the ultimate find was a Punxsy band uniform complete with a drum major hat. It made Remi's day!! He looks adorable. I will send a pix later.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I haven't had a good thrifting day in a while, I'm living for your thrifting thrills.

dodi said...

oh, I have sheet and camper envy right now!!! I can't wait to see what wonderful things you do with both!

btw -- is the same Goodwill store every time? You always fiind such wonderul things! Wish ours was as plentiful.

Julie Smith said...

I never find sheets like that! I need to go thrifting, pronto. Great finds.

Holly C. said...

Dodi-yes, most of my finds come from the Goodwill in my little nearby town.