Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brandie's book

Or I should say-Jess's book.

Today I gathered some supplies: photos, copies of scrapbook pages I had made a while ago, basket of scrapbooking supplies, wrapping paper, and my sewing machine. Then I spread everything on the dining room floor-sewing machine included-and got busy making Brandie's book from Handmade Home.

Basically I just started grabbing things and stitching them together. (Sewing paper is fun!) Instead of taking my pages to Staples to be bound, I decided to just punch out the holes and bind it myself. I have those metal binding rings somewhere-but of course-I can't find them. So for now-it's just bound with string.

I made this for my niece, Jess, because I thought this would be something she would like and enjoy. She'll tell me she loves it, even if she doesn't, because that's the kind of girl she is. Love that girl!

Five projects to go! :)


kb said...

Super cute!

Inoureyes said...

Wow! You sure are productive Holly!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

This is a wonderful keepsake and of course it's going to be loved.

Dawnie said...

Yes, it will definitely be loved. It turned out so SWEET! Of course, you have a sweet subject to work with. The countdown is on now. You are on a roll!