Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doily love

I found a box of doilies in my closet and I decided to put more out. I mean-why not?
Look at the teeny tiny stitches on this one. I can imagine this would take a long, long time to do. I'm not certain, but I think hubby's grandma gave this one to me. I wish I could remember for sure.
This pink and white beauty came from Goodwill. (When I wallpapered my dining room-I wallpapered the back of my one cupboard right over the wood. It was too dark before, I thought.)
The lovely tulip doily was sent to me by my good friend Rhonda.
I took this one from my sister, Jodie's, house. Oh and see that glass jar? There are tin noise makers in there. I think they might be old (not sure). Made in the USA. (That's a little unusual.) I picked them up at my sister, Kim's, 'pre-yardsale' for 40 cents!
A yellow beauty from good ol' Goodwill!

I want to crochet a doily one day. In fact, I'm putting it on my 'bucket' list!


Rhonda said...

Those look so lovely in your home! I'll bet you get around to that 'bucket' list pretty soon! You seem to be so on top of things!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Why not? A few more doilies here and there -- it's all good! (Especially the tulip doily).

Dawnie said...

Love your beautiful doilies!! I love doilies too. I need more. I am doilie deprived compared to you!!!