Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The power of suggestion

I don't know about you-but sometimes I see things on other blogs and it makes me want them. Mostly it's food and books.

In this case, it's food.

I was reading this post from Beauty That Moves. She mentions she made this Six Minute Cake from a Moosewood Cookbook. So I googled it and I think this is the cake she was talking about. Scroll down a little-it's called Vegan Chocolate Cake. No eggs, no dairy, you can mix it in your baking dish!
So I made it this morning in my pretty little pink Pyrex. (I didn't make the glaze-too lazy!) I love pink and brown/black together!
It's a tasty, chocolatey, soft but crumbly, little cake.

And now I must go-it's nap time! Darn those carbs.☺


Rhonda said...

I am the same way with wanting stuff I see on blogs on or on tv - Pioneer Woman had some kind of hamburger with fries and gravy yesterday and I'm trying to lighten it up so I can jusify eating it! Crazy. This cake looks good - and I know what you mean about carbs and nap time! Enjoy your snooze!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

The cake looks good, but that Pyrex. Oh my.

Dawnie said...

Love the pyrex too. Very pretty. I'm with you with the power of suggestion. I watch food Tv and my mouth starts watering, then I'm venturing into the kitchen and the rest is well, sad. The cake looks delish. Now I want some. See how it works. BAD.