Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy birthday, Dad!

(My goodness-that kid was cute!)

Since it's my Dad's birthday, I thought I'd list a few things he said to us kids when we were growing up. (In other words-things that drove me nuts!)

::Shut the refrigerator door!
::Turn off that light!
::Shut the refrigerator door!
::Sit up straight!
::Shut the refrigerator door!
::Stop mumbling!
::Shut the refrigerator door!
::Who do you think we are? West Penn Power?(actually-I think that was Mom.)
::Shut the refrigerator door!

I think you get the picture.

Happy birthday, Dad! We love you!♥


Jodie said...

omg is that funny.......i remember like it was yesterday.....and you know...i think i have only said shut the refrigerator door like 1 time in my life....but i do always say.......close the door we arenet heating the outside.....thats another good one.

funnyyyy....oh daddddd....i love youuuuuuuuu

Rhonda said...

Funny! Dan is still saying those things to my boys - except the West penn Power thing - now it is Clark Electric. Today is my mom's bday too.

Dawnie said...

Happy Birthday, RICH!!! I was lucky I was a friend at your house and he never told me to shut the refrigerator door.

Holly C. said...

Oh-that's right Rhonda-I had forgotten they share a birthday.

Dawnie-he must not have been in the kitchen when you were there!

kb said...

oh man, i remember those. I think it was both mom and dad. Everybody asks me how my electric bill is so low and I say my parents instilled in me to turn off lights when i leave the room. haha