Monday, January 25, 2010

Around the farm

I went up to my husband's parent's farm the other day and snapped some photos. Also, I found some of the farm on my daughter's camera from this past summer. So these are some photos from last summer and just the other day.

::the summer barn

::porta potty-doesn't everyone have a porta potty outside?

::wild bachelor's button???

::the winter barn

::some kind of rake??? I love the colors


::tractor and the farm

::gas tank-love the colors

::Mr. Ram-sticking his head out from his pad-a truck bed and cap. Genius idea, hubby! Really-I love it.

::ducks (guck was one of my daughter's first words) and Mr. Goose's tail end (he must be about 20 years old-who knew geese lived that long?)

::Spencer-parrot extraordinaire! (he says bad words!)

::kitty cat-from last summer


I may make my mother-in law-and my brother-in-law a photo book because I really never know what to get them. How could you not like to have a book of photos of your farm???


kim said...

Those pics are awesome. Beautiful to frame! I wish I had an eye to take pics like that. A photo book would be awesome.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Kimmie!

Now come on-I know you have a eye! Just go around the outside your house-turn off the flash and go for it. For close ups-don't forget to set your camera for close ups. Beauty can be found ANYWHERE!

Jodie said...

i really have trained you well havent I???? i think a photo book would be ingenius!!!!!!you nevvvver can go wrong with pictures...

ps. home from school...early dismissal due to flooding....i think you prob already know that though..

pss....good thing we could leave early....i think my baby is getting the flu.....yuckkkkkkk

Rhonda said...

Nice pics-photo books are the best!

Sharon said...

Love the pics Holly - if i can gather up enough from Grandpa's farm I would love to do this too!! You really inspire me:)

Dawnie said...

Yes, this would be a wonderful, very meaningful and enjoyable gift and something you enjoy doing to boot. AWESOME!!

Cindy said...

ooo these are great photos. a photo book would be a great gift. guck, a love it:)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Really great photos. Makes me wish I had a farm to visit! I'll just keep stopping back here to share your family farm (since we were separated a birth -- it must be mine too!).

Holly C. said...

Thanks everybody!☺