Thursday, December 3, 2009

Class o' 1985

Yep, 1985, year of the big hair and I can't remember what else.

Nope, I didn't ask for permission to publish these photos-hope they don't hate me after this. (I will take your photo down, if you would like-so let me know, kay?) Actually-I think you all look quite lovely.

Donna at Quiet life gave me this idea. She posted her senior portrait from 1975 and thought it would be fun for others to do it too and link back to our blogs in her comments to compare. I'm always looking for blog fodder, so I thought this would be fun. And while I was at it I dug out some of my friends that I talk about quite frequently on this blog. Sure hope we're still friends! Also, I know they are faithful readers. Love you guys! (Oh, and by the way, they are all now 42, but I'm only 41. He, he.)

So, let's compare my daughter (Class o' 2010) and me (Class o' 1985). Wow-times change-thank goodness! Wonder where Hoper got her good looks. Hmmm-don't think it was from me.☺

Thanks, Miz Booshay, for the idea!


Donna Boucher said...

Oh my you all had the curling irons going full blast :o)
Your daughter has her hair straightened. That will be the signature of hair from 2009/2010/.

You are both beautiful!

Inoureyes said...

Love the hair, you all look so.... Family ties! Know the show???
I never got a senior year pic taken but i do have some very geeky school photos.
May post them soon if i can dig them out.

Rhonda said...

Oh you little stinker! I ready Miz Booshay's blog today too and thought about posting mine, but did not get to it. This totally cracks me up. Just a trip down memory lane : big hair, Madonna gloves (remember prom?), business suits (homecoming court), and The Goonies (movie). I can't believe I thought I was fat back then!!! What's Michelle up to these days?

Holly C. said...

Thanks Miz Booshay!

Yes, Melissa I know the show-I'm sure it was being filmed in the mid 80's. Yes-please post some geeky photos!

Rhonda-I found these pics in a memory book (I think it came from school) and I had taped quite a few senior pics from our class in there. So this morning when I was suppose to be ready ready to go to my mom's house-I was scanning pics and making collages and hoping my friends wouldn't kill me!

Thanks for reminding me, although I think I want to forget, what was popular in 1985.

Michelle reads here sometimes-she works, and runs her kids around, sells Tastefully Simple, and she's active in Eastern Star. She's still the same silly girl, that cracks me up!

Jodie said...

ohhhh my miz booshay reads you......ohhhhhmmmmyyy gost=h.....telllll her i am your sister, the desperate one trying to load sesame ellissss onto are popular howwweee. i think this post just freaking cracks me uppppppppppppppppppp just dont post mine....heee hheee

Holly C. said...

Let's just say, Miz Booshay read this blog once-because I left a comment with a link back here. I'm not sure she'll be coming back regularly-but maybe!

And I don't even think I have your senior pic-so you are safe!☺

Dawnie said...

Thanks alot, Holly. How scary do I look? Well at least I am not alone and at least you are still only 41. HA. You are silly!!

Holly C. said...

Oh, Dawnie-you don't look scary! You look like you graduated in the mid-80's.

Isn't it funny that all of our hair is a slightly different version of-I don't know what to call it-"the rollover semi-mullet do".

kb said...

oh Man You guys all have the same hair do! and you look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I see why you were snickering when you told me to look at your blog. I didn't mind the pic because at least my face doesn't look like a blow up doll like now. As I am writing, I'm thinking I better ride the eliptical. Love ya!

Holly C. said...

Oh Melsie, you don't look like blow up doll-you look great!

Thanks for the fat quarters-I love them.

Love you too!☺