Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's make photo wrapping paper

My mom did this one year for us girls and I thought it was so lovely.

I used a photo of my niece and nephew and a photo of the rainbow cake. (I'm gonna milk the rainbow cake for all I can!)

Using my photo printing wizard-I printed the "contact sheet" or you could print "wallets sheet". The contact sheet prints the name of the photo under it, so I went in and renamed the photo-you know, so it wouldn't say-copy of rainbow cake-or whatever. I just used plain old white paper.

If your gift is larger, you can print a couple sheets and tape them together.
But don't use this method for an extremely large gift-printer ink is expensive. At least mine is!


Rhonda said...

Oh too cute! Love it!

Inoureyes said...

Very cute. Did you just use A4 size?

Holly C. said...

I used 8.5 inch x 11 inch regular old printer paper. I think that's 21.5mm x 28mm. I looked on a ruler. (That is if you were talking about the paper, Melissa.)

Dawnie said...

This is much too hard for me, but I love it!!!!

Inoureyes said...

lol yes i was talking about the paper