Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pillow sham = fabric gift bag

Tomorrow my beautiful niece turns 12, and although I already gave her her gift, I wanted to give her a goody bag on her actual birthday.

She loves office supplies and candy. She's getting cashews and Hershey Kisses too, which aren't pictured above. I ordered her some "business cards" also. I hope they come today.

I made this little gift bag out of a thrifted pillow sham-that I bought for the colorful fabric.

I've made a fabric gift bag before. They're really easy to make.

You basically cut two rectangles the size you want your bag. With your fabric right sides together, stitch three sides shut leaving the top open. Turn bag right side out and fold down the top 1/2 an inch or so and stitch the whole way around. Take a piece of ribbon and stitch the center about 1/3 of the way from the top to the side of the bag to use to tie shut.

So there you go-a fabric gift bag-a good way to use up your stash of fabric and great for wrapping odd shaped gifts.

PS-I love those little, white tags!☺


Cindy said...

Cute stuff, love the little bag. You have been cruisin with your Handmade home projects! Nice work!

Jodie said...

she is gonna love it. almost as much as she loves you. sweeeeeet i have one sweet girl and two sweet sisters.

Jodie said...

and a sweet son.

Holly C. said...

And a sweet niece???☺

Dawnie said...

Very cute!!! Hey, you need to write a book about all the things you can do with vintage sheets and pillowcases!!