Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall is pretty and t.m.i.

Aren't the leaves pretty? This is the view from our front door. Pretty, pretty, pretty!☺

Now here's the t.m.i. (that's too much information, in case you didn't know).

I had a routine doctor's appointment today. Yes-THAT kind of doctor. Fun, fun. My doc has a great bedside manner, so it's bearable. He's awesome.

But as if I weren't nervous enough, I was snapping pictures when I was left alone. Then I hurried up and stowed my camera in my purse. La, la, la, la, la......

Done, done stick a fork..........never mind. Good riddance for another year (or so)!☻

Ahhhhhh-yeah-that's better. Much better.☺


Inoureyes said...

tmi but a good laugh!
That goodwill store is huge. I would love to get lost in there for a day.
The first photo and ones similar would look great on card stock. The trees are beautiful!

Holly C. said...

Next time I get cards made, I may have to use that pic for a few! Thanks for the idea.☺

Jodie said...

woman....your bil thinks your crazy, but i just think you are grand. that is hillarious. i could just see you snapping la la that is tooo funny

Holly C. said...

Yes-I knew my bro-out-law would think I was nuts, but that's okay!

Laughter is the best medicine is a saying for a reason, right Joey????☺☺☺☺

rhonda said...

Too funny! Is that the New B goodwill? Is your doc still Doc Snyder? I had my fun appointment last week-yeah done for a year! Trees are pretty!

Holly C. said...

Yeah-You can comment today!

No-that's the Goodwill in the Weather Capital of the World-you know-Punxsutawney.

Doc Snyder is still my family doctor, but Dr. Matson is the doc I was talking about. But I do still like Doc Snyder. After all-he delivered my baby and your first two babies too!