Tuesday, October 6, 2009

15 cent school chair

I went on a little thrifting trip with my friend, Jessie, yesterday. We stopped at a different Goodwill than I usually shop at. This little school chair was originally marked $7.99, but it never got sold, so therefore became 15 cents. Okay-I'll take it.

At first I was going to paint it, but then I thought the pencil and paint marks tell a story, so I decided to let it go natural-at least for now.

I scooched over my little book shelf and made room for it in my bedroom. I'll sit pretties and books on it.

Speaking of pretties-see the baby afghan on the bottom. My paternal grandmother made and gave that to me well before I was a mother. But why, why, why didn't I get a photo of my baby with it? I guess I was too busy to worry about such things then. Oh well-at least I have it and can enjoy looking at the beauty of it now.

I think I appreciate things like this much more now, than I used to.

Jessie and I also went to Walmart and she bought some towels and I'm making her a towel rug. Stayed tuned! Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back.☺


Dawnie said...

Very sweet chair, Holly. I don't think you took a picture with your baby in it for the same reason I didn't. Our brains were fried at that point as was our bodies AND we lacked the much needed sleep to even realize this..HA.

Inoureyes said...

Ooooo another chair! Not fair that you can get them so cheap (insert tanty here)
I love hand made baby blankets, i have all of my babes ones in storage. There wont be a shortage when i become a grandmother (not for like another 20 years though