Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pretty in pink, polka dotted polyester

What do you think of my new handmade church dress? I bought it from Goodwill. It was on the 29 cent rack.

What? You don't like it? The nerve!

Oh-I'm just kidding. I bought it for the material. It may be polyester, but it's pink and polka dotted-so I like it. Perhaps another clothespin holder?

When I was checking out, I made sure I told the clerk I was buying it for the material. She said, "Oh, I thought you were buying it for Halloween."

Yeah, it's pretty bad.☺


kb said...

pretty indeed.i need one of those clothes pin holders, only i need it for all of my plastic bags.

Dawnie said...

I dare you to wear it to church. HA. Just kidding. It will make make nice clothes pin holders!! I still haven't made it to Goodwill. Maybe today. Maybe I can find an ugly dress too and can make something beautiful from it.

Holly C. said...

Your wish is my command.☺

Do you want a plain pink, pink polka dot, green w/dots (it's cute) polyester, or a pink cotton shower curtain one as pictured in the above link?

Holly C. said...

The 29 cent rack is a great place to look for good material on bad clothes. Don't you agree, Dawnie?☺

kb said...

do you have anything in red or turquiose? Just kidding, anything would be great. Is Jess's bday party still on the third.

Holly C. said...

Yes-I think so.

Will you be putting this bag bag in the kitchen?