Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'll take 2 beach blankets to go, please

I've been busy-making more beach blankets to go.

Dawnie gave me a bunch of sheets and chenille bedspreads-so I'm going to pay her back with 2 beach blankets to go.

After uttering my very favorite phrases many, many times::

Some beach!
What the frick!
Why you little...

they're done, and will be delivered today.

If I had to give any advice before making these it would be-Pin, pin, pin before you sew, sew, sew!☺


kb said... crack me up...Love the blankets! Guess what I found another Pyrex at Goodwill. 1.99 for a 2.5 quart oval baking dish (white with blue snowflakes) Love it!!! i think I'm going to start collecting as i have 4 pcs now. Any of the colors as there are vintage Red, yellow, green as well as pink and blue.

Inoureyes said...

Thanks for the advice!

Anonymous said...

Hey what are you and Dawnie doing today? Going to the beach?

Holly C. said...

I have a yellow bowl for you Kim.

Jessie-no beach, just cleaning.☺

kb said...

cool! I'll be up on Labor Day.

Dawnie said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks I Love,love, love my beach blankets. They are absolutely darling. I am so happy and was surprised when you walked in with not one but two blankets for me. I felt like I won the lottery!!!!!! I wrote a song called, "What makes you smile." You made me smile, girlfriend. I'll pay you back someday when you least expect it!!! For Kim, I'll try to find you some pyrex bowls when I'm at Goodwill. Would you look for me plastic pumpkins that you put a little nightlight in the back. They seem to have some this time of year so if you have time take a peek for me. And again, Holly, thank you for all you do for me. You are an angel in disguise. ANd for Jessie, Happy Birthday.

Holly C. said...

You are so welcome. The feelings are mutual. And you wrote a song? I don't think I knew that. You'll have to sing it someday!☺

kb said...

Oooo...thanks Dawnie. You don't have to do that. I'll look for the pumpkins for you. I think I know what you want.

I'll have to have you girls down for lunch sometime on the weekend this fall. Jodie and Jessie too.