Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New old table

I had mentioned me liking a table at Goodwill in this post. In the comments I wrote that maybe my bol (that's brother-out-law, in case you didn't know) would go get it for me, because it wouldn't fit in my jeep.

He's like-what do you want me to get for you??? I told him, but also told him he didn't really need to worry about. It wasn't something I desperately needed. I didn't even know where I'd put it.

So he calls me yesterday afternoon and tells me that the Goodwill people said they had sold it in the morning. I'm like-that's fine, thanks for trying.

Well-low and behold, last evening about 8pm, my sister, niece, and bol pull in my driveway in the "Bush Hog" and tell me they had something for me. They brought the table. Oh-that bol of mine-he's such a good liar. I never suspected a thing.

So, what a nice surprise! Thanks Davey, Jodie, Jess, and Patty (that's my nephew and his name is Patrick, but I lovingly call him Patty.)

The table may sit in my basement for a while, but eventually I'll find the perfect spot for it in my house!☺


Jodie said...

davey sure is good about surprises isnt he.....i mean he has surprised me throughout our 23 year adventure....in good ways and boy he always surprises me when he "plays" dumb about many things too. but.....all in all, he sure is a great guy, wouldnt you say? wabu honey.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes-my bol-he's great, great guy!

He's tries not to be, but he is.

Holly the sol (that's sissy-out-law) not sob

Anonymous said...

Oh my-what a GORGEOUS table!!!! you got a good find there! What a nice guy Dave is!


kb said...

I like the table! Davey you sure pulled a fast one on Holly!

Anonymous said...

Yep Davey's a nice guy-he even paid for it!!!

I'm off to bring my neighbor (Ethel) home from the hospital. She's insisting that I use her car. Wish me luck!


Dawnie said...

Good luck, Holly. That was so sweet of Davey and the family to get you your table. They must love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave is the man!

Jodie said...

the girls love dave i can see. LOL

Anonymous said...

yes-I think maybe they would like him to buy and deliver a table for them!☺


Anonymous said...

That fella must b OSUM !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Davey-you can quit commenting now!☺

We all know you're OSUM!