Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diaper Clutch/Changing Station

Thought I'd share a blog I've been checking everyday. It's Dollar Store Crafts. They put a new craft up every day. Today's craft was this Diaper Clutch/Changing station. It's a nylon placemat folded with elastic and a button added.

Dollar Store Crafts links to Jen's blog. She's the one who came up with this idea and she shows pics of how she does it.

I stopped at the dollar store today when I was in town and picked up this polkadot nylon placemat. (It was marked 2 dollars but rang up 1 dollar-yipeeeeee!). I also picked up this little soft pack of wipes and I already had the diaper, which was a free sample.

I folded my placemat by looking at the pics on Jen's blog. The folds weren't staying in, so I took the iron to it. Not screaming hot-I didn't want to melt the nylon. That helped some. I had some elastic from a bag of notions from Goodwill. But if you don't have any you can always hit the underwear drawer and cut the top off old unders. (I've never done that though. Nope, not me!) I hand stitched the elastic (about 13-14 inches before folding in half) to the inside of one flap, then a button on the outside of that same flap. (Stitching was probably the hardest part.)

All done. Nice little addition to a baby shower gift. This little clutch would be nice to keep in the car for emergencies, don't you think? Cute right? Almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost. ☺


Jodie said...


Anonymous said...

Now that is really cute. Actually, I have a diaper clutch that was purchased probably Walmart or Target for a shower gift, and it is in my car for emergencies and when we travel long distances. I keep it under the seat and that way, I don't have to drag out the diaper bag each time we need a change. Love this idea and the polka dots are cute! Trust me, having a baby in your 40's is not everything it is cracked up to be (cracked up being the operative phrase here).


Holly C. said...

I didn't know what a diaper clutch was until I saw it on Dollar Store Crafts today. Of course, I don't have much use for one myself-so I haven't looked for one.

Don't worry-I trust you! You do a great job handling your littles-but it would probably send me over the edge to the funny farm, loony bin, or Green Roof Inn!!!☺

kb said...

I will be in my 40's having a baby at the rate I'm going...:)

Anonymous said...

That's okay Kimmie-you can do it!☺

FYI-You still have a lot of 30's left.