Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seed packet window treatments

Here's one of my lovely, little basement windows with a lovely, little seed packet window treatment. It's been up, oh, about 9 years or so. For this picture I cleaned the window, removed wasp nests outside, changed out a couple seed packets, and added my new petite, colored clothespins that I bought at Dollar Value. Love those dollar stores.

I got this idea from Rebecca's Garden magazine from the year 2000. It was my first and only issue that I received-the magazine folded after this issue. But I always kept this issue because it has a potting shed in it that I love!!!! And you can see the seed packets below.
Well-since hubby won't build me a potting shed, I just went ahead and fixed up a basement window. It looks cute. I would rather have a potting shed, but since hubby refuses to build me one, I guess this will have to do. Do I sound bitter? I hope so. Cause I am!

Just kidding.


Jodie said...

i will see if dave will build you one. ooops i forgot, he dont build ANYTHING!!!!!! lol

rhonda said...

Oh I remember seeing that in your window one time and I thought it was a cute idea then too!

Dawnie said...

I love those seed packets hanging in your windows with the adorable colored clothespins. They look so cute. I love dollar stores too. I just bought 10 packets or flower seeds for a buck at the dollar tree. Mine are thrown in a mess on the table. They aren't diplayed nicely to enjoy. Love your idea!!!